• May – October 2016 Sussex Prairie Gardens Part of a group show ‘Elemental’  artists in residence.  This exhibition included 12 framed pieces of mixed media applique and stitch featuring collage and hand painting.  The images were created following a year of observation and photography in the gardens capturing the shifts in colour and texture throughout the year.  Prints and calendars of the images are still available on request.
  • August 2015-16 Exhibited as part of ‘Artwave’ artists open house event for Lewes area
  • May 2011 ‘Flight’ Exhibition at iO Designers and Makers Gallery Brighton as part of The Brighton Festival.  Created hand and machine embroidered small scale work based on a study of moths ( Butterflies get too much attention!)
  •  September 2010 MA Exhibition University of Brighton Grand Parade Gallery ‘By a Thread : Holding Time’. The culmination of a year recording natural materials at the point when they break down, intervening with thread by stitching, knitting, binding and wrapping with the aim to hold them in time.  the resulting  images ultimately highlight the transience and impermanence of life.

    In the final stages of the project pieces were recorded through studio photography and mounted onto aluminium free floating mounts.  They are currently on display in the  University  centre at West Kent College, Tonbridge